Faculty 2018


Dear Professor Fokkens,
Thanks to you, your staff and faculty for an educational and entertaining course. I have left enlightened with improved confidence and have changed my practice.
Look forward to seeing you again.
Dr Thiru Siva
(October 30th 2018)



Thank you so much for a very well organized and excellent course last week in Amsterdam. It was of great inspiration!
Best regards from Norway,
Aleksander Grande Hansen

Thanks very much for organizing such a useful course.The quality of the cadaver heads provided was the best I have ever experienced in any of the dissection courses.The faculty was very helpful both in the dissection room and during the rest of the course.
Kind Regards Vishal

I have been on many sinus courses, but this genuinely was the best one yet.

The majority of lectures were succinct and relevant to clinical practice, with good ‘how-to-do-pointers’ and common complications one may encounter with these techniques. The faculty were clearly experienced in their practice and weren`t afraid to take challenging questions during the informative panel discussion.

The dissection facility was also very good. Previous CT scanning and neuro-navigation meant you could study the anatomy prior to dissection, and the high numbers of faculty meant friendly interaction, guidance and immediate feedback on dissection. They also scanned the cadaveric heads after day 1 to see how effective our surgery was. The technical guys were also on hand at all times, but we didn`t need them with state of the art HD scopes & screens, angled microdebriders and high-speed drills. Most importantly, the heads were prepared well, so you were spared the offensive smell even on the 2nd day.

This was the advanced sinus course, and so you need to have done a bit of basic FESS to find this course and the concepts described therein, of use.

Finally, Amsterdam is a lively and picturesque city. I would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in endoscopic nasal surgery.”

Roland Hettige
ENT Trainee, UK

My name is Klementina Avdeeva and I have just visited the Course in Advanced Sinus Surgery Techniques. I would like to say many thanks to you and your team! I have gained an amazing experience and improved both my knowledge and manual skills a lot.

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